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Be relaxed, Be renewed, Be restored


"I have been getting massages now for many years for relief of cervical spine pain that wasn't relieved after 2 surgical fusions. Also I have spasms and pain in my lower back pain. I can state that I've seen dozens of different massage therapists and Tammy was able to give me relief and relaxation without leaving me sore and over worked. I'm so happy I found someone who understands my needs."

T Graves


"I seriously damaged my body a few months ago, pushing it hard in order to change my place of residence. In packing up, moving, and unpacking, I did some significant hurt to all parts of my body. Tammy fixed me up right well enough. The first couple of sessions after moving were quite intensive and she found issues in my muscles etc., that, frankly, I was surprised that I was able to function. Between daily soaks in the hot tub and Tammy's magical hands working on me, I am back to tip-top shape. So, if you are in need of help to relax, renew or restoration, you won't go wrong in using her services. Tell her Rich sent you."

Rich Verry